entrepreneurby Stefan Rosenberg, President of InSight Marketing Solutions

As an entrepreneur, one of my favorite resources for ideas and information comes from Entrepreneur.com. I recently read an article by Teri Evans that I found very applicable for entrepreneurs and their business development and growth. The article is from last year, but in our fast changing society, the tips are helpful and current. Teri lists the 5 Success Tips from Award-Winning Entrepreneurs. They are: Put your networking skills to work. Don’t be swayed by naysayers. Keep taking risks. Hire your weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to share your idea.

Take a moment to read her article (entrepreneur.com/blog/223745), and then ask yourself the following questions:

Networking: What kind of networking are you currently doing? Are you doing enough? Are they the right networking groups for your business? Are you building relationships or just trying to sell?

Negative People: Who are the negative people in your life? Can you limit your time with them? Who are the positive, creative people you can be around? Can you spend more time with them?

Taking risks: What was the last risk you took? What did you learn? If you could do anything with your business with no worry of failure, what would it be?

Your weaknesses: What is your top strength? Your top weakness? What are the things in business you don’t like to do? Where do you need help? Can you hire someone to fill these gaps and compliment your strengths?

Share your ideas: Is there someone in another market, preferably bigger, that has a similar company? Have you ever called them to share ideas? Have you researched how they operate and market their company?

As an entrepreneur, one of your primary jobs is to keep your business relevant and growing. To do this, you must put yourself out there. Meet people, share ideas and take risks. Surround yourself with positive, smart people.

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