How do you know what you have, and how it can all work together to become your company’s marketing plan?


Marketing Plan


InSight Marketing Solutions will bring a clear understanding of what the consumer wants and expects from your company’s product or service. It is through this knowledge that opportunities can be discovered that will give your company the competitive advantage to reach your goals.



InSight Marketing Solutions will work with you to define, create and implement your marketing plan. Throughout the process, your input and evaluation are needed to insure the success of the plan.

ROI Return on Investment



Plan. Strategy. Measurement. Implementation. Return on Investment.




Through a company analysis and creative idea session, a marketing plan is developed. A marketing plan gives your company:

  • A timeline, steps for implementation, marketing elements, costs and forms of measurement
  • Guidelines: A checklist and form of accountability and measurement for return-on-investment.
  • Allows for real time adjustments to the original plan and openings for new marketing opportunities.
  • Establishes a plan for customer retention and referrals.
  • Rather than making a decision based on the advertising people who bang on your door, you take control of your advertising strategy. YOUR strategy. Not their goal to sell you something.


For information about the elements of a marketing plan and a definition of marketing, click here.


Invest in Your Business.

While you’re running your business, InSight Marketing Solutions will help market your business.



InSight Marketing Solutions is a full-service marketing company, providing consulting services from planning to completion. This includes strategic marketing plans, social media and website integration, search engine optimization SEO, Blogs, email marketing, branding, customer retention and referral, advertising, promotional items, events, public relations, community outreach and fundraising. InSight Marketing Solutions works with businesses of all sizes nationally, regionally and in the Hampton Roads cities of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News and Hampton. Call us today to discuss your marketing and business growth.
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