Did you know? It costs 6 times more money to gain a new customer than it does to retain a customer.*

That means that 80% of your Time, Money and Effort should be on retaining the top 20% of your existing business and the customers who make up that business.



Retention is the ability to continue doing business with your current customers.Customer Retention

  • Your company needs a retention plan and process that is Proactive, Consistent, Informative, Thankful & Visible.
  • Contact should be varied in both method and message.
  • Every part of the “customer experience” that you can control should be considered and examined.
  • Always identify and keep in mind those people and things that influence your customer.
  • Customer Service, Services Agreements and Warranties are a very important part of retention.
  • Build an Imaginary Wall Around Your Customers to keep them happy and the competition out.
  • Bonus: Happy top 20% customers make great referral sources. It’s important to keep track and ask for more referrals.


*Source: Communications Advice For Small Business From Pitney Bowes


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